UCSD Undergraduate Art Show

The Undergraduate Art Show at the University of California San Diego. The third installation of a series.

The project: to trace the echoes of gesture and movement – the figure becomes visible in the image – but can sometimes get lost in light.

Anton danced all night. Equipment was borrowed from Roberto. Music on the night – a new EP by Debruit. Thanks to you people.

Check out the video and updated flickr.


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Back to the Drawing Board

Ideas with Legs: Back to the Drawing Board

The second event: Back to the Drawing Board, Irresistible film’s summer party at Cordy House, Hoxton.

The instillation fits in a transitional aspect – bridging the gap between theatre, film and play.

The ideas

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First Steps

Still from Queen of Hoxton

Still from Queen of Hoxton

Got booked.

Curated a space within Cordy House, Shoreditch, on the 19th August 2009… Daydream Networks and Irresistible Films presents Back to the Drawing Board.

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The final edit of the content from our debut night with the Plain Janes…

The music is lifted from opening part of LCD soundsystem’s ‘get innocuous’.

The present dances with the past – while gestures echo in light.

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First Look

Unedited content produced from the debut night at the Queen of Hoxton.

The content: each frame a photograph of a person covered in fairy-lights.

The virtual flip book animation.

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Plain Janes Love Making a Scene (with Ideas with Legs)

flyer for first night

flyer for first night

Debut at the Queen of Hoxton on the 28th June 2009.

The Plain Janes have built themselves around art and interaction. They curate events that offer a fusion of exhibition, art, music and performance.

We introduced cinema into the Plain Janes vocabulary by way of renegotiating the parameters of cinema space. Focusing on the visual impact of cinema and the excitement of moving bodies by creating a piece of interactive play – with a medium that creates time and space – video.

Using photography to create layers of time and space -then projection to form relayed animations.

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